I am getting so tired of one sided people flooding my computer with hate because they need guns to survive and each one must tell me this a hundred

Newtown mom fills in for Obama in radio address, president says message for every American

I joke around a lot however, I have only run into one Red Neck in my life time.

Until now!

This is what people wishing to control crime have to deal with, a real need to reopen and build new hospitals for people with serious problems, people that should never have a gun, assault guns, (guns with unbelievable magazine capacity) and all of the above people like the following.

I have learned that there is a real stupid person out in internet land trying to make a point however, with no knowledge as to how to do this? He said “I left my gun out on the front porch while I was at work, came back and it did not kill anyone, next I think that I will try leaving a spoon” ?

The only people that I have ever heard of claiming that a gun will kill are people just like him and the NRA, in other words people that sell guns, the NRA that needs members to keep money coming into their coffers, drug lords, politicians needed to fill up their pockets and Lobbyists! Oh yes!

Stupid hunters that are lousy shooters and need a clip to take down that extremely dangerous Deer or Turkey!

The first Red Neck was when I was about 8 riding with my father and passed a guy sticking up his thumb at every car that passed, I asked my dad about this, he told me that it is a Red Necks way of giving everyone the finger?