SHE’S BACK!!!!!!!

As you know by now we treasure every creation that Creator sends our way.

We have two sets of Black Bear Families, Birds, Lizards, Alligators, just about every endangered species in Florida and so on.

We love Breanna more than our own life however, today our Land Lord returned for the summer!

Harriett is our live in Gopher Tortoise some just call a turtle, NOT.

Gopher Turtle

She was on this property before we move in year around.

She has been hibernating for so long that we were starting to doubt if she had run away or not.

Her home (Den) is right up at the front fence which is 15′ from the road by law. We, Harriett and this family have been battling with every company in central Florida because it would seem that our fence is a perfect place to park those big trucks, right on Harriett’s home!


Need Wi Fi? Dig up Harriett’s home on the way up and down the street 3 times!

Need to scrape the side of the road? Scrape right over Harriett’s home!

Need to part your truck to talk on your cell phone? Right on Harriett’s home!

Who could blame her if she did leave?

The worse thing was at the beginning of our meeting each other, coming from Connecticut from a life time of turtles, the first thing I did was give her a bath!

Gopher Tortoise Hate Water! 😦

It took me over a year before she forgave me for that one.

Then came the phone company installing Wi Fi down the road, of course it had to go underground and on this side of the street!

After they dug her up out of her home we had to keep her in a large plastic container until the job was completed, she still has not forgiven us for that one.

Thank You Creator because she is back today eating in the front yard!


We do not treat the land with chemicals or replace the grass because that is her food plus Breanna runs around the yard!