How to gift a Chief?

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Looking for information on when you visit an Indian Chief is it tradition to give tobacco?

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Native American gifting tobacco to an elder?

Tobacco as a gift.

How is tobacco wrapped when presenting to an elder

While traveling around and attending Sundance, Ghost, and other Sacred Dances out west of the Mississippi River, I’ve noticed that there are times when you may need permission just to get near their chief’s and this is OK I just have little knowledge as to when or where because I never had the problem.

Might I suggest that you might play it safe and speak to an elder of that tribe as to the correct procedure.

Gifting a Chief could be a little tricky at times around Indian country so I must once again speak about tribes in and around New England or at least my people.

I do require my chiefs and head clan mothers to pass training on our culture and ceremonies so they use a lot of tobacco while assisting.

People like myself use a lot of tobacco (Kinnick, Kinnick). However, unless I am tied up with a ceremony or in prayer, please come speak with me, my chiefs and  Head Clan Mother at any time, Kinnick, Kinnick is optional.