Native American Church

Today I stumbled on two interesting sites on the internet.

Thanks to my visitor from the city of

Gardena  California

Looking for information on “How native American say thank you to the creator”?

Do Native Americans say please and thank you?

YES Agagozasu Thank You (A ga go za su)~ thank you and Nanoutozo Please (nan ou to zo) ~ please

I guess I did not write about this on Word Press?

The two sites.

First was a ‘Native American Church‘, I studied over this for a long time however, I decided not to comment at this time because too many of my postings lately have been downers.

The next site at first I was a little upset because of the name ‘Without Reservation’ because this name reminds me of a book about how to buffalo this government into starting your own Casino!

While digging into this page

‘Ask an Elder’


I find that not only did I enjoy reading this site I was please as to how they were able to keep Creator in every answer asked about Native people and not Christianity but Creator in the Christian life.

Please only read that site after praying and with your heart and mind?