The fear of Spirituality?

I can see from our tracker that it is time again to write about Native American Spirituality from the New England Eastern Woodland true traditional tribes of my grandfather?

First a very good note

This guy has got it, not bad of a non native, or should I say that he believes that he is a non native.

Native Spirituality, From Dean Ohlman on September 14, 2009


This next one tries to impress us by mixing and matching many words none of which we should pay any attention too.

In Therapy

The Varieties of Religious Therapy: Native American Spirituality

Native American Spirituality and Psychotherapy an interview with a Native American healer, physician and psychologist.

Native American spirituality most share a common belief in the supernatural as experienced in connection with animals and the environment, visions, spirits, ancestors, the shaman and communal ceremony. Native American spirituality is not considered a religion by most adherents, but rather an integral part of all behavior and identity. “BULL”


This one was so far off that it dropped off of WordPress.

Native American Religion (Spirituality)

Background What do we mean when we speak of Native American religion? Unlike Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, it has no single founder. Unlike Judaism


This one is the one that I would like to try and sit down with and discuss the difference between native and witchcraft Spirituality and why traditional natives do not readily except the Métis as real first people.

Spending most of your life in a Sweat Lodge does not make you a Native American

A Medicine Man’s Daughter

If you are a follower of the one and only Creator, you should not be having sleepless nights because of Trickster (Coyote), if you know no better and are following Trickster (Coyote) you only need guidance as to why you fear the night.