What and where is/was this Uncasvillage?

Burial Grounds.4


Back  in our history as the Pequot‘s (my people) started noticing that as we battled our newest invaders, the English, we could kill about a dozen at each conflict and we might lose a few of our warriors. The only problem was that if we killed a dozen of the enemy they were replaced by 3 dozen fresh troops. We had no fresh troops.

War Chief Unkas, while speaking with Sachem Sassacus , tried a number times to find a way for peace before there were no more Pequot’s. Sachem Sassacus wanted no part of peace and vowed to fight until death or the enemy was completely destroyer. After many tried at making some sense of our situation Unkas held court and explained to the people that he was leaving to cross the Pequot River and try to come to an agreement with the English. Unkas and members of the tribe left to set up a village of their own. This group of people changed their name back to an earlier name (Mohiingan) and made Unkas/Uncas their Sachem. Sachem Uncas the first Sachem of these people. This first village was not a good place to settle because Sassacus now called Uncas and his people just another enemy and attacked often. So Uncas mover to lower ground with better protection and full sight of the river. The first village (Uncasvillage) is protected and sacred to our people, many of my writings will drop a hint or two as to the location. There are now few traditionalist that know where this Sacred village is however, we know that someday someone will stumble onto it. Remember, it has our Sacred Alter, Royal burial ground behind it and Sweat Lodge built under and around the alter.

We understand that “To the victor goes the spoils” however, one request? Please do not give the papers of the trunk in the corner to any casino Indian? Once you read it you will understand why!