Violence Against Women Act

Rape is Rape no matter who is raped or where rape happens?

A watered down bill called the Violence Against Women Act has passed through the house. Big deal! I guess it is better than nothing?

“Provisions in the VAWA allow tribal courts to arrest and prosecute non-Natives who are accused of abusing Native women on reservations”. The “possible” imprisonment of non-natives by tribal courts is a major sticking point, especially when the Department of Justice reports more than 85 percent of violent crimes against Indian women are committed by non-Indians. Though the bill permits non-natives to move their cases to federal court if they don’t feel their Constitutional rights are being upheld, Big deal!

If non-natives go to any country and abuses and/or rape’s a citizen of that country, they are prosecuted to the full extent of their laws!

Two American Sailors were tried and convicted in a court of law in Japan for rape and robbery, as will they should have been however, for hundreds of years non-natives have gone onto native land abusing and raping native women knowing full well that they would not be punished. This watered down law may or may not help our native women? How about the Catholic Priest that are raping young boys?

Rape is still Rape?

Japanese Court Convicts Two US Navy Sailors of Rape and Robbery

What’s the problem with this, our free country, allowing all of the people to be free?