What is this circle of life question that keeps coming up on my trackers?
I, as have many people, posted about this subject a few times however, it is still the number one question of the trackers?
I can only speak as a traditionalist elder and from teaching from my elders from the New England area.
Our circle of life started long ago while (Creator) and (Father Sky) were on one of their walks around, what we now call the universe, which was already a circle of life in of its self.
Each time they passed this, a circle of water, they paused with pride in its beauty. On one of those trips there was an agreement to speak with (Turtle Woman) about an addition for this circle of water. About going down to this circle of water and become what we now call land (Mother Earth). Mother Earth asked and received children to care for as part of this agreement, then became the mother of all creation on this new circle. We (Humans) are but a member of this creation, at no time did Creator, Father Sky or Mother Earth call us the Top of the Food Chain? Humans are but a small piece of this circle so, if we were to take away all of our weapons then see how we make out in a fight with those animals that we call our food chain?
Creator and Father Sky still circle around this universe, Mother Earth still turns in a circle and still circles around our sun which still circles around in this universe. Creation is a circle from birth (life) young growth, age and death, a circle of life.
Native American circle of life meaning.
The Circle is the oldest symbol of the world. The Circle is a reminder of our connections to Mother Earth. The sun, mood and planets travel in circles. The Circle is the symbol. Our drums are circles and the heartbeat of all people. Our gatherings, powwows and Paw-paus are held in a circle. the four corners and four directions ceremonies are through a circle. Without this circle there would be no life.