Walking the grounds of our ancestors

To the new group of occupants of this country this posting might seem a little on the distasteful side? Please remember while reading that our people lived on this land for a very long time before first contact and that soon after first contact many of the people no longer existed and if we do our numbers are small and most are now mixed blood. Nothing wrong with mixed blood, I am one. If you ask a true Spiritual leader when he/she feels the most satisfaction after a ceremony? Most if not all will say at a burial grounds of the ancestors after a crossing ceremony. Many people gather at a birth, naming, wedding, funeral and so on however, when finding a sacred grounds and find that those ancestors may have been resting until you show, it is a must do, to get a gathering and help them home!

While on my trip up north (Jacksonville) and finding little information about a very large tribe of Native Americans that lived on the island (the Timucuan and Yulee Indians) for many thousands of years and finding no burial grounds? I started thinking back to my younger days. Starting each April at our monthly meetings we made plans to visit a native cemetery at least once a week until it got too cold for the very young and very old to make the trip, I started at age 6. This was a teaching trip about our culture and ceremonies. The leaders would walk the burial grounds after permission and with any elders of the area and pray for the departed, teaching about our belief and if necessary, repeat our crossing prayer at needed sites. Once I became that elder I would go to a burial grounds, with permission, while traveling to gatherings, powwows or visits. On one of my many visits to Pennsylvania, I would end up at the Carlisle Indian School cemetery? http://www.sachem-uncas.com/travels.html

I am trying to tell a story while being respectful to the families of those poor children at that school. In 1999 I found a historian from the area that helped explain to me why I could find no comfort while trying to pray at each stone. Unless push comes to shove it is suffice to say that I was able to have a ceremony with each child and no it was not at those stones!

This posting is something that I feel the need to write about because many days have gone by and no native has come forward with any interest in two past postings about a possible burial grounds in Texas, with the exception of the two young ladies that found the site and one of our Editors? Is there anyone out in Indian country willing to stop for a few minutes thinking about something other than themselves and at least agree to pray together? AHO



This is one of the few times that I hate being too old and too sick to drive!