Kinnick – Kinnick

Welcome to the visitor from the town of Hillsborough North Carolina

What is Kinnick, Kinnick?

Looking for information about our herbs called Kinnick – Kinnick.

Because I have covered this so many times and I did see that you were on one of my many postings, I was going to pass and go to the next question. However, while checking other answers that you were reading, this I must not do without a brief answer. Yes real tobacco grown as a plant is an herb and is included into this Kinnick – Kinnick, remember our tobacco as with all of our herbs is NEVER treated with chemicals and when we speak of smoking our pipes, it is always in a ceremony, not smoked like as in a cigarette or cigar? Most participants in our ceremonies will puff enough smoke a number of times to blow a prayer up towards Creator, down to Mother Earth and so on. Some of the participants will tap the pipe with their left hand and pass it on, a few very brave members might even inhale? I do not recommend this un necessary abuse on your body!