Comanche territory in Cransfills Gap TEXAS burial grounds?

I have been in contact with a couple that believe, while hunting, they stumbled on an old abused Comanche grave site? It has been hard getting information because they now believe that it is old privet property used as a deer lease, they both fear the consequences of being on the land however, wish for the graves to be prayed over and restored, if I were still health I would already be on my way alas I can no longer drive from Florida to Texas!

I am going to post this in the hope that someone around the area and can check it out?

Thank you for writing us back. It is in Comanche territory in Cransfills Gap TEXAS. The whole area is riddled with Indian artifacts. It is a multi level burial site with broken stones. We were surface hunting and decided to check out some caves up in the mountains. Upon coming back down there was a ring of fire and 100’s of desecrated graves within the levels. Very, very upsetting. We were turned around and I’m sure we were not supposed to be by this area and found it by accident. We are 100% sure that it was not any type of Anglo-Saxon and it was 100% native American. To our knowledge it is Comanche descent, prior to Texas settlers and Texas Rangers forced the Indians west to reservations around the 1840’s. It is private land and it appears to be a deer lease. We were not supposed to be there, but we stumbled upon this. We feel the need to help settle their disturbed spirits and seek your advisement.

Thank you sincerely,

I am a Spiritual teacher from around the East Coast and have little knowledge of this area you speak about, may I post your find on my websites and blogs without using your names, unless it be your wish, just in case you are right and do not belong on their property? If I do this I will need better directions to the graves, because it is my wish for the proper tribe to investigate?