Another treaty broken by the Wašíču?

After you read the story you may agree that this one although technically is a broken treaty, it is also a two edge sword?

As a Spiritual teacher that has spent years helping native and non natives reentry back into society, I know firsthand about our culture and ceremonies in prisons.

8th Circuit affirms dismissal of suit on Native American inmates’ religious rights

Yes, we all agree that they are inmates, yes we all agree that they did something wrong, why else would they be in jail? Leonard Peltier‘s frame up  come to mind for all natives? 🙂

However, other religious inmates get to go to church, eat no meat on Friday, pray and so on?


Mr. Sims there is a big difference between a State Penitentiary and a Community Corrections Centers, not only in the state of Nebraska but throughout this country.

Part of my posting is the inmate writing the complaint.

You are serving a life sentence for first-degree murder? You are in prison where things used in many ceremonies like stones and fire can be used as weapons? Sweat lodge requires a lot of heat (fire) to heat stones. A bird of prey feather like an Eagle Feather for ceremonies are Sacred and only a few are even allowed to handle them. Where would this sacred feather be kept/ A prison cell is no place for a sacred feather and non natives have no right touching them?

Tobacco is another thing altogether. No I believe pipes, cigarettes and cigar cannot be controlled while you are in prison, tobacco (Kinnick, Kinnick) is used as a ceremony tool, so to speak, in prison ceremonies because it will never be used as a drug, for trading of favors or smoked and most of all does not need to be lit for a ceremony.

If it was agreed on then the American Native in prison should get to worship our Creator, maybe some do not know Creator and that helped land them in prison? Getting back to their culture through our ceremonies is just another way of re training and reentry back into civilization and for a better human? AHO

I need more input to speak about this 2005 settlement, prison officials agree to allow traditional ceremonial foods such as fry bread, buffalo, corn and “berry dish”.


Photo Credit: Prison Photography