4 Reasons a Redskins Name Change Should Not Bother You

By Kevin Ewoldt on Feb 8, 9:11a

Have you ever been reading a good story and something happens so your mind starts to drift away from the story? You want to keep reading the story to its conclusion, but your mind has other ideas.

So, what do you do?

This article did this to me, it was will planned out, it was saying what I wanted to hear. However, I just could not get past the reason why I started reading it in the first place.

This is the reason why writing about Native Americans should be written by a Native American, or at the very least after proof reading by one of us.

The name Red Skin is in fact offensive and the reason as to how the name came about is even more offensive.

However the author (Kevin Ewlodt) shot himself in the foot even before starting to write with something even more insulting to me then everything else that he wrote and I am betting that he does not know of this insult?

What we natives wear when not in our street cloths and at our gatherings is not a COSTUME it is called a REGALIA!

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I know that to a non traditionalist that this sounds tribunal and after going to powwows these last few years, I can see the why of this confusion!

A costume is warn by a clown in a carnival or circus and in the last few years our gatherings and powwows have been a joke, caravel and a circus however wrong is wrong!

Part number two will try to explain why this is wrong?

4 Reasons a Redskins Name Change Should Not Bother You
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1/28/96: Performers dress in Native American Indian costumes during the pregame show before the Cowboys take on the Steelers prior to Super Bowl XXX at Sun Devil Stadium. – Getty Images. With the Redskins mascot name change being a hot topic