Supreme Being in Native American tribes?

Welcome to the visitor from Forest City Iowa

Looking for information about our Supreme Being in Native American tribes?

One understands that you wish to know if we know one, or more?

Traditional American Natives have a Supreme Being.

I believe that some tribes even have more than one?

Native Americans around my area, Eastern Woodland New England, only know and obey one supreme being (one is all that is needed), we call this supreme being by many names, Creator, Father Sky, Grandfather just to name a few.

Creator cares for us just like the Europeans God does.

All religions have a form of supreme being, Christians call theirs God, Jesus Christ, the one that all of the fuss is about around Christmas time!

The Jewish religion call their supreme being Lord or GOD among others.

Even most non believers have a god, theirs is called science, seeing is believing and so on However, for this posting we need to talk about the beliefs now in charge of some  of our gatherings.

Witches, Warlocks and Shamans have their god also, Trickster, Coyote, Powwow, just to name a few, only this god is the one that is fighting for our spirits ( native Americans) in the next life.

We are believers in very different Supreme Beings, unfortunately both gods do exist!

A quote from Shakespeare’s (Hamlet), “Therein lies the Rub”!

Therefore both gods should never be prayed to or played with in a circle!

This also means never in what you would call our church, a Sacred Circle, or any other circle with a fire in or around it and being called Native American!

Placing these two beliefs together in one place would be much worse than placing a Catholic and Protestant service into a Synagogue during their service and/or vice versa?