Pedestrians on non motorized vehicles?

As one might guess this is far away from my normal postings.

Because of my concern for my WordPress friends plus all of humanity. I wish to write a reminder about what everyone already knows. Injuries and death with non motorized vehicles has been climbing every year in this country. We need to start doing what countries like India, Pakistan‘s and all of Europe has been doing for many years. Look out for our growing bicycle pedestrians, Scooters and Golf carts. Mainly because Oil companies are greedy pigs and gasoline/diesel driven vehicle makes refuse to give into alternative fuels, the poor and middle class are switching to other modes of transportation.

As you might expect, this is a two way street, ‘no pun intended’. Pedestrians must also shoulder the responsibility of watching out for those bigger and faster motorized vehicles.

This must include, walking your bike across a heavily traveled street and only at crosswalks, horn or bell on handle bar, reflectors and lights at dusk to dawn and last but be no means least, proper training on all vehicles.

Sorry if this posting sounds foolish however, pain and death is not foolish to the loved ones left behind because we were in a hurry?

I understand that winter means different things to different parts of the world so now we must also watch out for things like sledding and skiing while snow and ice are on the ground?