Why are Native Americans called Native Americans


Why are Native Americans called Native Americans and not just Americans?

Just curious like if you have Italian blood you’re Italian. Sorry if this is confusing.

My answer to Imirra, Thomas and ASKER, on Yahoo!

Asker and Thomas both shot themselves in the foot right from the start and then called their ancestors Indians? Strike Three.

Dear Imirra, your question is not unusual and is very confusing to people that do not have the answer.

However it is a great question, thank you for asking.

First thing, is that the difference is ALL ABOUT THE BLOOD!

Your question is so confusing because each time this question is asked, people without the correct answer jump in and answer with what they presume to be the correct answer, or really do not have the answer in the first place and that is the confusion.

This government placed our people on reservations and handed out another form of a treaty known as a PLASTIC CARD for one reason and only one reason, it (this government) needed another way of controlling the REDMAN!

A tribal reservation is nothing more than a jail without the bars.



When I say blood I am not talking about percentage of, I am talking about descending from, same as an Italian, French, English and so on, understand?

First people are the first to arrive before any other, not what this government choose us to be!

If that above treaty (Plastic card) is broken, the Red Man must do the breaking, Big Brother likes this treaty, the only treaty not broken, I wonder why?

Second thing is that one does not become a descendent of a traditional tribe by joining a government run and controlled prison called reservation and last but by no means least, it is OK to be an Indian, this would make you an Indian American and always welcome back to your motherland India, if you so chose a Dual or Multiple citizenship.

We traditional American first people also fall into this trap because it seems to be the easiest way of explaining and for this I apologize.

I am a United States Citizen proud of my Mohegan/Pequot ancestors, simple as that?


If you are in fact a Sovereign Nation let’s see what happens if your sovereign government tries not to give their blood money from your casinos to the state and federal sovereign government?

If a Tribal Reservation is a sovereign nation, see what happens if an outsider comes into your sovereign nation and kills one or more of your people and your form of government has a trial and hangs the outsider?