Open backup facilities for the mentally ill

He gets it.

Former State Attorney Lawson Lamar talks with WFTV‘s Greg Warmoth Orlando Florida.
The only person in office in the state of Florida and maybe the whole country gets it and he lost his job to a loser, what’s wrong with this country?
Jeff Aston lost the biggest case of his carrier but won the election over his former boss, the only person that is telling it like it is about mass murders throughout this country.
During the interview with Warmoth, Lamar also spoke about guns in schools, following the recent mass killing of students in Connecticut. He said he would put deputies in middle schools and high schools. But says the real way to reduce violence is to open backup facilities for the mentally ill.
“The gun control people are saying we can control guns and stop mass killings. No you won’t. What we have to do in this society is identify and control psychopaths,” said Lamar.
Lamar said a shooting at a McDonald’s shooting is the best example of where concern over mental health could have made a difference. He said a man convicted of murder, got out only to kill again. Lamar said that had there been a mental facility as part of his sentence, then the victim would still be alive tonight.
Like I said earlier
we are looking at déjà vu!

Back in the early 90’s we closed down the physic hospitals handed the insane patience’s a prescription for medicine and some money and sent them down the road.
They threw the prescription away and bought drugs and a gun to get more drugs.
Now years later the drug induced children of those patience’s are old enough to use the guns to kill and destroy our children and get more guns and drugs.