Native-American or Indian?

I like every name that helpful readers have posted to this website as a Reply.

Each has its place in history however, to end all of this confusion might I suggest one of my own?

What does one do if they happens to be a half breed?

I happen to be Pequot/Mohegan.

My mother Pequot, my father Mohegan.

In a Matriarch society one uses the mother to trace ancestors, my mother was the Matriarch, so I must be a Pequot?

On the other hand, my father and his father’s before him were the Chief Sachem of the people.

What do I do, disown my Royal side of the family?

See this is just another way of assimilation by our government and the many wannabe Indian people (natives) in this country.

Remembering why we were first stuck with the name and by whom, would be a way to start finding a way out of this name or names?

Christopher Columbus was, first heading the wrong way, he took the ships 180 degrees backwards to find India and he was a brutal murdering bully, he destroyed everyone and everything in his way to riches.

Why should the decedents of his wrath be stuck with a name from him that no one asked for?

We need to stay with our own names not a non native name?

I am Ohjieshan Walkingfox