Bring your pets inside.


If we could only learn to love each other half as much as our pets love us, what a great world we would be living in?

If it’s too cold for you it’s too cold for your pets Bring them inside.

This is a photo found going around Facebook, it looks real bad for any pet or people for that matter.

I was so upset when first seeing this I wanted to join a posse looking for and tying up the owner/owners in a walk in freezer until you would need an ice pick to free them!

Then I remember Luke, “may he rest in peace”.

No, my pal Luke just got old one day.

Luke lived most of his life in L. A. California, until I stole him, his sister and his pet (Donna) to New England.


The first snow that year dumped 18″ in my yard.

After a lot of pleading we got him to go do his thing out in the snow.

Once Luke found snow it would take some dog cookies and a lot of begging to get him back into the nice warm house.

Zoe on the other hand hates snow.


Breanna is in Florida and never see’s snow, she hates water?

Now, if this storm ever made it down to central Florida, few if any pets would survive!

I think that a dog in Florida is just for hunting Deer or for yard security, because few if any get inside of anyplace no matter what the weather.

It can get extremely hot and sometimes good and cold in central Florida, day or night, pets are outside!

We, on the other hand are on the other side of the spectrum, if Breanna is not welcome neither is our money!

Shopping (except for food) and eating out while on the run, if you do not except Breanna, we do not except you!

I can see humans leaving pets outside in any weather!

I only wish that there was a way for pets to leave their humans outside!