What is Kinnick~Kinnick?

This posting is nothing new, I found two older postings, cleaned them up a little combined them into one and posted it Here.

There are many attempts to explain Sacred Herbs however, why is it so hard to understand?

Tribes may use Bearberries, Tobacco, Sage, Cedar, or Sweet Grass however, the herbs are up to you.

Always remember that there should never be chemicals of any kind found in a Traditional Native American set of herbs called ‘Kinnick~ Kinnick’!

Kinnick~ Kinnick is not an herb, it is many herbs so, the correct answer to me from my elders now ancestors.

Kinnick~Kinnick are Native American particular herbs, collected by tribal clan mothers around that tribe, to be used in future sacred ceremonies of American Native people by the Eastern Woodland New England Traditional American Native people.

This set of herbs are also found in and around your area in woody lands.

Tribal Clan Mothers carefully cared for it for use by the Tribal Clan Grandfathers in ceremonies.

A Native person may sell these herbs, as long as that person makes it perfectly clear to the buyer, that it has not been blessed by Creator and would not be considered sacred!

Remember, only Creator can bless anything!

If someone claims to have blessed your herbs, give them back for an exchange, they have been polluted!

Once this herb Kinnick~Kinnick has gone through the ceremony and is sacred, if passed to another, it must be, by given freely!

If you wish to have your own Kinnick~ Kinnick found by you for your own use (free) just go to your quiet spot and ask Creator, in prayer, to bless you and your herbs, promise to use your herbs in prayer to Creator only!