Thanks for reminding me to write about our Evil One!
What is this Powwow?
What is a Traditional American native paw~paus?
This depends, are you looking for a calendar of events, or the true meaning of these words?
In today’s thinking a powwow is a place where Native Americans invite everyone to enjoy a day, a weekend, a week, or more in fun and games.
Let it be known that we have nothing against a religious belief in Witches, Warlocks or Shamanism, at their ceremonies.
Back before first contact, before the Europeans made it necessary for the people to change the gatherings of the people. American native people held gatherings called Paw-paus.
( Pa~~Wa~~us).
Soon after first contact and because the Europeans were starting to get extremely mean and pushy at wanting into this very spiritual event, the Shechaim of the New England tribes came together to find a fast safe way out of this situation.
A quick note.
Long before this first contact our ancestors knew of an evil Shaman warlock/Witch that practice Shamanism. This Shaman warlock/witch name was called powwow and was extremely evil.
The Shechaim of these true American native people placed the problem in the hands of their Tribal clan mothers ( Head Clan Mother).
After many debates about the problem the clan mothers came up with the name powwow and a great explanation as to why it should be used.
It would seem that our invaders acted very much like this Sharman so, why not start having a gathering like our paw-paus and invite them all?
(A dance with the Sharman (Evil one).
The problem in this day, that was unforeseen by our ancestors, is that now many of these powwows are infested with shamans, witches and warlocks, some now are even running this gathering!
This would be a very good reason to explain why no American Traditional Native advertises when and where we are holding our Paw-paus!
Be very afraid of the spirit man or woman powwow, in our Native American Gathering of the people!
The Evil spirit Trickster ( Coyote ) and his sub spirit will do anything a person allows them to do, to the take native prayers from them ( the people ) to Creator.