Native American Indian flags funerals?

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Traditional Native American (Indian ) Burial Information.

Looking for information about a flag at our funerals?

Native American Indian flags funerals
Remember that we are of an Eastern coast native tribe and some ceremonies and our cultures may be a little different.
I am not sure why anyone in Indian country would have a flag at funerals (most of us have out Birds of Prey Staffs) however, we do allow the American and a state flag?
If this did not help please write back with more information and I will see if we can help you.

I do see from this website
Thibodaux, LA Profile

That it is stated No Native Americans in your part of Louisiana only mixed whatever that is?
Population by Race~White~64%~African American~34%~Native American~0%~Asian~1%~Hawaiian 0~%~Other/Mixed~1%

Our friends at

the United Houma Nation
may be able to help?

The Bayougoula, a once very proud race did live around you until the Spanish and French came to your area!
Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana
Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana
Jena Band of Choctaw Indians
Tunica-Biloxi Indian Tribe of Louisiana