If You Aren’t Native American, Put Down That Bald Eagle Feather


Our beliefs, the true traditional Eastern Woodland American Native People of New England, believe, as did our ancestors, that no one should be allowed to kill a Bird of Prey!

If you must have a feather or body part, do as the elders did, pray to Creator to send it to you!

If you have earned and deserve to have these very sacred parts, Creator will give permission to the birds to give them to you.

These majestic birds are a national treasure, and deserve to live out their noble lives without fear of being shot from the sky or caught in a snare. Besides being beautiful and rare, federally protected birds provide a valuable service to the eco-system, eating dead animals and controlling populations of small rodents we might consider to be pests. Logging and the widespread use of a pesticide called DDT almost wiped out the Bald Eagle in the mid-20th century, and it took many years on the endangered species list before the population could recover. The two acts mentioned previously were passed to prohibit the killing, selling, trading, or possession of protected birds by anyone in the U.S., but this creates a problem for America’s original citizens.

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If you did not get an answer guess what you did not earn or deserve?