The Story of Harold Tantaquidgeon By Virginia Frances Voight

Harold, Gladys, and Ruth Tantaquidgeon were chiefs, a friends, lovers of Mother Earth and its people, so we need to keep them is our hearts.
Harold A. Tantaquidgeon 1952-1970 spent most of his life teaching about Mother Earth and the Mohegan people.
He was a chief!
Gladys Tantaquidgeon (1899-2005) a world traveler and trained well in the collection of herbs and paperwork for her brother Harold by her elders was a good clan mother.
She was a chief.
Ruth Etta Tantaquidgeon 1909-2004) the least know in the family because she was a little shy ( strong women but quiet), she was happiest helping in the background collecting material for her brother’s pet project, the museum.
She was a chief!
So, what is a chief among all of the Traditional Matriarch tribes throughout New England?
By no means taking anything away from my friends, elders, and now ancestors, we once again, need to get back to basic know as the truth!
Their (our) first ancestor set the record on what he wanted from his chiefs and no one from that time on has changed nor has the right to change his laws!
Yes, a Chief is a leader of a Plains Indian tribe, we are not plains Indians!
It is also a worker in a traditional tribe from the east coast of Indian country.
Harold was in the service of this country and a good native, he would be the first to agree, do not change our ancestors!

Back to basics

Sachem Uncas did set the rules for his people and at no time did he set up a president, congress man or woman, counselor, cabinet member, or any other name giving out by the Europeans now running most of our so called native tribes.

He had his Head Clan Grandmother, Head Clan Mothers, Head Clan Father, clan mothers, clan fathers War Chief, children and warriors like all native tribes throughout the eastern part of Indian country.