Why are cigarettes offered at a Native American funeral?

Smoking a cigarette, like smallpox blankets, Jails (Reservations), and whisky, has always been a European form of annihilation of our people.
At no time before first contact, did indigenous people smoke a chemical cigarette!
Yes, it is true that many people call what we do while at a pipe ceremony “smoking a pipe” however, inside of this pipe, if one is a traditionalist, is very strong herbs (Kinnick, Kinnick) so we would not inhale that smoke!


So, what makes one think that they were passed around at our ceremonies?
Passing around chemical type cigarette’s is the true oxymoron!
Death from a cigarette!
My ancestors were simple common sense people.
Their tobacco was grown without chemicals, the ancestors did not need them!
Today our elders know that cigarettes cause cancer, even if they smoke, someone that they know and love has died a horrible death from this cancer.
Please do not insult them by an offering of a cancer causing cigarette.
Will you please use Kinnick~ Kinnick (herbs)?