‘Squaw’ OK once again just hold on.

Parents’ outrage after teacher offends Native Americans by assigning math lesson homework that referred to ‘squaw’
OK once again just hold on.
Please remember that different countries have different meaning for the same word, like wise different tribal people have different meanings for the same word.
Yes the first few Europeans invading our land did use this word after they were given a cold shoulder by our women because they did not get what they wanted from our women.
Yes every Native American and non Native American should be up in arms at this “so called school teacher
The meaning of the word Squaw, like so many of our words has been bastardized through the years by Europeans to demeanor females. “whore”
However, on the other hand, in a Matriarch society, the word is said as a tremendous praise by their men!
There is a Squarw Sachem in my family line, because she was an outstanding leader, wise and without sin and of course a member of the royal line from Sachem Uncas!
The word Squaw or as it should be Squarw has always been a word of praise by a male to a female.



By Daily Mail Reporter

A high school math teacher is under fire for assigning homework that used a derogatory Native American term for women.
Richard Vesbach, who teaches at the Lakeland Union High School in Minocqua, Wisconsin, gave students in his class an assignment that referred to ‘squaw’ – a sexually charged term that has been deemed offensive in recent years.