Native American Marriage Prayer

Bronx New York

Looking for information about
Native America Marriage rituals
Better known as Native American Marriage Prayer.
All of our ceremonies are a prayer to Creator and a Gift Blessing from Creator.
Welcome New York and Thank-you!
While living in Uncasvillage, a neighbor to New York, my friend and I traveled in and around your state.
She was a long time citizen of California and always felt a coldness between people in her state to and from people in yours, until she met so many of you.
To this day SHE/WE Love New York!
A little refresher course about culture and ceremonies ( because this is my job) please allow me?
The first people, people in and around our area, have for centuries known that all of our gatherings like marriage, birth, and death are prayers for Creator to come to enjoy it with us.


We do not have an Occult Ritual.

We have a Wedding Ceremony, a prayer to our Creator (Kiehtan)?