Powwow a dying ceremony

If you are an elder and are or have been following the powwow circuit you know what I am talking about.
Gatherings, powwows and Paw-paus have been used as the circle of life since before we were even able to record them.
Gatherings were, are and will always be held often to help our people keep in touch.
Powwows are relatively a new comer to indigenous people, many are still working out the kinks and doing a horrible job at this.
The last few years or so powwows have dwindled down drastically, walk around some, or better yet just check them out on the internet (YouTube) or do all three!
If you have a lot of money to pay dancers and/or hold paid competitions (of course they are not powwows they are a circus) you will get a lot of people looking for their share of the money.
Just in my life time one notice the lack of people and energy.
My first powwow was a Paw-paus I was 6 and overwhelmed with everything.
Every traditional first person from around the New England knows about, has been to, and will continue to enjoy a Paw-paus and know why it (as a sacred ceremony) is guarded as well as if not better then the plains Indians Ghost Dance and Sundance!
Paw-paus is for at least a week and always has something going on with so many dancers that they start in the circle and end up all around the grounds.
Free to get in, free to dance, free to venders.
Everyone brings something to share.
Remember the old saying, ” Everything is a free gift from Creator and because of this indigenous people are always gifting “!
However, before even starting any gathering, powwow or Paw-paus we had to invite one guest, this was a must and always looked forward too!
This is now almost an after though at powwows today!
We must first invite Creator.
Do not make another move about your gathering or powwow until every member knows that Creator has excepted your invitation!
Once you get this everything else will fall into place if you keep remembering your first guest!
The only problem a real Native American Traditional group should have with their powwows is a very large group of visitors!