Sachem Weyonomon died of smallpox

Columbus Ohio
Welcome to this blogger looking for information about
Mohegan peace pipes?
Queen buries hatchet with the Mohegan’s
Yes you are correct, the joke in on our people.
Truth is that Sachem Mahomet Weyonomon ( We call him Sachem not Chief) had the copy of a petition to King George II
The tribe never had a peace pipe (never had a war with the English, we call it elimination by assimilation), because we never were at war we did not have feather war bonnets.
We never had smallpox blankets in the east, our sachem had to go to England to get smallpox!
Sachem Mahomet left Connecticut to plead for royal help in protecting his hunting grounds but died from smallpox in his City of London lodgings.
He was buried in the cathedral’s grounds, where he was to lie in obscurity for 270 years.