Missing Enzyme Gene in Native Americans

Wellfleet Massachusetts
Welcome to my blogger looking for information about
American Indian missing enzyme
Pyruvate carboxylase (type A)
Yes, your area is a great place to visit and let us not forget your Cod Fish!
I won over my California sweetheart because of our visit and her first taste of your Cod and special Fry’s!

8 years later and still a Thank-you

My take on why we have this missing gene.
I am not a scientist nor am I a doctor however, I am a student of history so, my opinion (just an opinion) is for one that is why we call ourselves American Natives ( not Indians).
I believe that most of our ancestors were the ones crossing over the Bering Straits across Canada and down into what is now the USA so long ago hunting for food, had no contact with the rest of the world population until first contact, therefore no need for that gene!
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