A figure of speech that combines contradictory terms.
Tulsa Oklahoma
Welcome asking if anyone agrees with you that the words
Native Americans is an oxymoron
When you are right you are right!
It is true that our people are also Immigrants to this land that we call Indian country, you call the America’s.
However, one small difference about your thinking compared to our way of thinking.
When our ancestors came to this land there were no humans, a lot of plant and animal life, no humans.
I still must agree with you because they surely must have looked at us as Immigrants.
Remember, the plants, animals and our ancestors, for the most part, were in homonymy with Mother Earth until the Europeans arrived.
With your way of thinking one would have to agree that First nations is an Oxymoron, and so on.
Of course Traditional Indigenous Immigrants ( our ancestors) were thinking about the way the Europeans took over the land, culture and ceremonies as an Oxymoron.
Native American Occult is an (Oxymoron)!
At least in the traditional tribes of the New England area.
Native American Gatekeeper (an Oxymoron)?
A gate keeper is, once again, Occult not indigenous traditionalist!
Native American Arena is a big (Oxymoron)!
An arena is what is used in the big top at a circus however, I do agree that about 85% of the powwows now held around the world are a caravel an circus, fun to look at but not native.