The Myth of Native American Blood

First please except my deepest apology  for what you are about to read.

I am so upset with people from outside of New England and/or non native’s, teaching us poor dumb natives how to be a Native American!

This is the reason why, since getting out of the service, no boss could get me to go to college!

Schooling yes, college never!

One even would have paid for the first four years, if I stayed with his company!

College Professors!

Of all things, Professor Tallbear is a female and an “Indian”?

Women have been maligned since the beginning of time and Native Americans ,like dirt since first contact so, to read one of our own speaking so much half truths is unacceptable!

There are so many half truths we should work with only the truth?

High Cheek Bones ( in many people they are no longer dominant because of  European mixing with our blood).

“The tyranny of the one-drop rule poses a specific problem” ( is a government imposed way of assimilating the Native American, including our people thinking like this professor).

Elizabeth Warren doesn’t not look Cherokee by Cherokee Nation standards at all,” ( Cherokee people gave into the government long ago and excepted their fate just to survive the hard times they took the cowards way out).

“The majority of white people in Oklahoma say, I’m Cherokee” Well DUH ( Just where do you think the trail of tears ended up)?

On what was at that time a dry, cold piece of dirt not wanted by the government, is it any wonder why so many are in-fact Cherokee?

“If you ever want to know if someone’s black or not, go ask their white neighbor.” ( TRUTH) however, she needs to step away from that casino long enough to look around at all of the New England Native Americans that were assimilated by Viking long before first contact, Oh right, the 1% rule again!


Then on her way back to the collage stop in on my brothers & sisters the Shawnee nation, take pictures and then write another report! Like that will happen, when cows fly.

No, I am not now, nor will I ever be recognized by a government or casino Indian 1% rule.


Please, no more Lakota or Dakota coming to the East Coast to tell us how to be a Native American, we did OK before your people arrived thank-you.

“When you are Native American and your last name is Tallbear”


Yes, I do have an opinion about US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren and her blood line however, you must ask her.

You see, I took my opinions directly to her.

Checking his record one can see why Senator Brown must find fault with the competition however, outsiders should remain outsiders!

“My name is Walkingfox and I am a Native American”!

Walkingfox ( a white person‘s name because, a Traditional Native American can never reveal their Creator given prayer name).