Native American naming ceremony

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Sacred Naming Ceremony Protocol

I can see from the amount of questions from search engines that a naming ceremony is still not understood by many and very much maligned by non native writers!

Protocols for a Native American Naming Ceremony

A Native American naming ceremony, as with all of our ceremonies is NOT a religious event, it is not a rituals, these are occult words not Native American!

A Naming ceremony is a prayer request to Creator, an answer from Creator and an obedience to all concerned making sure that the receiver has a native deep spiritual way to contact Creator in prayer.

It is never a show for wannabe American Natives at powwows!

Why do we have a naming ceremony?

Our naming ceremonies are our way to introduce a person to Creator.

If excepted, Creator will name this person this is why all of our ceremonies are so sacred!

This is also why traditional elders and spiritual leaders get so unset when they hear,

“I just came from so and so and he/she gave me my Indian name“!

How insulting to Creator can people be?

It will take at least two weeks before a person hears that Creator has given you your tribal name, not because Creator is busy, but because Creator will wait for you to humble yourself enough before the people to get that name!