About this Warren Indian Thing!

I for one am so tired of this Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren Indian Thing!

Well here goes one more time!

Warren had a Cherokee great-great-great grandmother, which would make her 1/32 Indian?

What is this 1/32 blood quote and who invented it?

I for one have never heard a Traditional American native quote blood line!

This is all from a pack of non Indians, Indian country invaders with just another way of elimination of our people!

The main reason why this so concerns me is that in my past I may have 1/64  Irish blood quote (Blood Line).


Oh no say it isn’t so!

What is a real American Indigenous person?

Read on.

Who’s an American Indian? Warren case stirs query


Remember that non indigenous people in Indian country have an enzyme not needed by the original natives so, we tend to have bent pinkies, toes and sometimes even our back and are allergic to most things not native to this country, so please read on.

American Native Health Issues


There are 566 federally recognized Native American tribes, each with its own rules for membership, according to the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, or BIA.

Who made up this BIA?

What about the 566 non federally recognized REAL Traditional Tribes?


So what did this wannabe senator to Massachusetts do that was so wrong?

Her elders told her that she has native blood.

So to respect her ancestors she was saying that she has native American blood in her past.

No, she is not a 24/7 Native American, she was more than likely only a 1/23 Native American, not because she has anything against our people but maybe because no one showed her how to be a Native American.

She, like so many other people in this country, did not try to get into a casino?

We can truly believe that she did not say this to get into this governments politician race because as you can see, that would be A BIG BLACK MARK AGAINST HER!

So, why did she say this?

Why not back off and just ask?