Native American Funeral okay to give sage and tobacco?

Is it okay to give sage and tobacco at a Native American Funeral?

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Another great question of the day.

At a Native American Funeral is it okay to give sage and tobacco?

On some of our blog postings you find the answer to your question for my people, the Eastern Woodland American First People Natives of New England.

I must keep saying this because our ways are not always the same for all tribes!

Tobacco, without chemicals, and sage are just a few of the herbs included in our Kinnick~ Kinnick that grow in our area so, the answer to your question is YES!

Please remember that a Spiritual Leader uses lots of this herb and would be extremely grateful of your gift.

If this is a Traditional Funeral, many people use the herbs (Kinnick~ Kinnick) because in today’s world, fire is not always an option!