What is a Black Bear Sow?

Longwood sow and bear cub caught; cub comes to Citra


What is a Black Bear Sow and why was it called this on this day?

After reading this blog posting please go to this story to better understand why this hurts the people in this house so bad.

Although I must admit, our Story Tellers, with the permission of the Head Clan Mother, did improvise some while going to schools and gatherings as story tellers often do, this is based on a true story.

Children’s story


While this and many more bears were dumpster diving to feed themselves and their young they are called a Mother bear and her cub.

When this human came on the scene, which was a threat to her baby, she gave a warning nibble on the butt, she was called a Mother bear.

In this article she is called a Sow, is she a pig or was she just a mother trying to protect her baby from an intruder?

No matter!

This loving, caring, hungry Mother is no more, Why?

Not because it is a law that she must die but because we the human race has to kill something, at least this is how it now goes in Florida!

If this Mother Black Bear intended to harm her, she could have completely ripped this lady and her dog  in minutes, all she wanted to do was to warn this intruder to their dinner table.

If that lady and her land lord were not so stupid and/or lazy they could have lock her trash can and the dumpster!