“Never deface our United States of America Flag”!

Today makes the 3rd day in a row that I picked up my daily newspaper only to once again find the Lake county Democrats on the front page!

This time being sued because of a wrong stand about how to fly our nations flag!

As a Native American, Vietnam Veteran and a Democrat with over 40 years in the political arena I find this extremely offensive to say the least

This is now far beyond ridiculous, for god sake will the leaders of this little party satellite just swallow their (HER) pride and apologize, “You are wrong, get over it”!

There are thousands of good god and flag fearing (loving) Democrats in this our area that now must hang their heads in shame because of this little mistake now a full blown catastrophe!


An attorney is going to sue unless the head of this piece of the democratic party finely gives up and promises to “Never deface our United States of America Flag”!

This should be a “No brainer” for a leader of any political party during an election year.

Millions of people from organizations like our military, our police departments and fire departments are extremely upset with what they say is an abuse of the flag of their country, that they put their lives on the line for day and night because they love this country.

OK, so you took down the so called flag, now simple repeat after me, ” I WILL NEVER FLY ANY FLAG THAT IS OFFENSIVE TO OUR AMERICAN FLAG or HER PEOPLE”