Native American Tobacco!

Native American Tobacco!

The favorite question asked today is still
about tobacco.

It should be!

You may have noticed that we have many
blogs on tobacco, sage, cedar and sweet grass.

Tobacco (herbs) is extremely important to
our people so, one should not be surprised about this, we should also
understand that answers, (at least traditional answers) are also extremely
important to you because, there are so many wolf’s in sheep’s clothing welling
to reach into your pockets.

Never pay of native information, Never,
unless it is with tobacco ( Kinnick~ Kinnick)!

Please remember that my answers to your
questions will always be from what is known from my ancestors and my ancestors
are of the Traditional Eastern Woodland American Native People.

That said, you may find that the answers
are, for the most part, simple common sense answers to your questions.

My ancestors were simple common sense

Their tobacco was grown without chemicals,
they did not need them!

Today our elders know that cigarettes
cause cancer, even if they smoke, someone that they love has died a horrible
death from this cancer.

Please do not insult us by an offering of
a cancer causing cigarette, will you please use Kinnick~ Kinnick?