Florida State Mascot Upsets Native Americans In Oklahoma.

Florida State Mascot Upsets Native Americans In Oklahoma.


Oklahomans Native Americans (the Seminole Nation in Oklahoma), say they were too disgusted to watch because of the Florida State Mascot, Chief Osceola,
and the use of Native American images.

If you think that is bad try being a retired to Florida Native American.

Every April 1st I receive email’s from “Friends” with this Mascot doing some kind of a joke!

I tried to watch the game and root for their new coach however, I found myself rooting for Oklahoma, so I just went to bed.

How can we,
the Native Americans in this country, demand respect from the non natives around the world while some clown rides on a horse dressed like a Hollywood
movie Indian to stick a piece of wood into a football field?

One can get any male dog to go out and make their territory!