Dishes for native American naming ceremony.

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Dishes for native American naming ceremony.

To make it a shorter blog let me start with,
all of the ceremonies by my people, the Eastern Woodland, American Natives
usually serve something like coffee and desert at any practice meetings and at
the beginning of all our ceremonies.

Most of the time the tribal clan mothers will
have a pot luck meal after the ceremony for a social friendship gathering,
check with a Clan Mother or the Spiritual leader, because sometime a tribe will
just have it catered.

Although this cost some money, it will relieve
a lot of pressure on everyone.

A Traditional Native American Pot Luck.

This is a great way to go if you are having
your ceremony someplace that has a kitchen, We would always have a member in
the Knights of Columbus, Grange hall, Church, Polish, Elks, or Moose club,
anything along that line.

Because our tribe carried on a tradition
started in the 40’s by my grandfather, try to hold a meeting a month as close
as possible to different elders, making it easy for each to make a meeting, so
we needed to find many good, clean, friendly, cost efficient places.