Sacred Naming Protocol.

My first encounter with people that worship another god.

The Eastern Woodland Sacred Creator Blessed Paw~paus.

At a naming ceremony or any other Traditional Eastern Woodland Ceremony for that matter, a Spiritual leader will ask the couple if they wish a Sacred Paw~paus Creator included ceremony?

If, after explaining what that entails the couple say yes, from that point on preparations are being made for this type of a ceremony.

It no longer matters where or when it takes place, it is a Sacred ceremony that will be blessed by Creator!

When it comes time for the couple to pick their four corners ( four tribal clan mothers) and all other members of the gathering, the Spiritual leader will once again remind and explain to all that this is a Sacred Eastern Woodland Paw~paus ceremony.

Because of this it does not matter how a Witch, Warlock, Sorcerer, powwow, or any tribe performs a ceremony, this is a Paw~paus, if you have a problem please help the couple find your replacement.

If after the ceremony starts one 0r more of the corners walks away, they then show their true beliefs in their (God).

First and the most important thing would be to make sure that you are an American native, or correctly adopted, to find this out contact a Traditional  an elder.

The traditional way to make a request to receive your American Native name is to give a gift of herbs (Kinnick, Kinnick) as the request is made to the person you are requesting the name from ( Spiritual leader).

You and your family may also wish to plan a meal to celebrate after the ceremony is completed.

If  others are receiving their names, the covered dishes should be shared.

Present a gift of herbs from your left hand to the left hand of the individual you are wishing to receive a name from, this is called, heart to heart.

This person should be a person you respect and should be someone who is an American Native elder from the nation that you are requesting a name.

Personally ask if you may make a request of this person, either in person, by phone or e-mail or other.

Receive this individual’s consent to allow you to make a request.

at this time you may wish to honor a male and a female with this herb and request that they stand with you as sponsors at the ceremony.

These should be individuals that are familiar with that American Native Tribe and this sacred ceremony.

A naming ceremony should but not always be held in a prayer circle.

A Sacred Paw~paus is always held  in a Sacred circle with a fire, both of which must be properly prepared. (Honor the prayer circle with appropriate attire and attitudes.

Regalia should be worn if available, if not proper dress.

Give thanks to the Creator and all the sponsors.  One should NEVER have to pay for any American Native gift; If you do ,the gift will be void, and so will the ceremony!

Remember, our Creator gave the gifts freely and so should we, a gift like herbs or something native is permitted, and any gift can be permitted as long as it is freely given!