American Native Spirituality

Spirituality is not a religion.
If the people of the organized religions of this world would think back to the beginning of their beliefs, back to Abraham and Sara and the promise from their supreme being, Allah, Jehovah, God, or I say Creator. Follow me and I will make you a new nation!

The Israelites believe their god was talking to them, the Muslims believe their Allah was talking to them, point being if each would follow their God they would still be following the three rules.

Number one “Do not kill”.

Number 2 “love thy neighbor”.

Number three “keep doing rules #1 and rule #2”!!!!

While speaking in the name of a religion is a good way to assure a battle.

Religion, since the beginning of time has always been a way to pit humans against each other.
“In the name of my God, I take your life and your land and your wampum (goods)”.
In the name of Allah or God or whatever, it has been an excuse for a dominating country or race to make servants out of smaller, less populated people or countries.
In the Creator’s eyes, we are all servants of the master.
We need to spend more time learning how to serve the Creator and less time trying to make servants out of our fellow man.
The more we learn to serve the Creator, the better everyone’s life on Mother Earth will be.

“Creator created ALL”.

Creator is always right everyone else is always wrong, so follow Creator”!
Remember rule # 1