My people are the Mohiingan!

While looking over my tracker yesterday and seeing once again questions about the origin of my people this time it was narrowed down to clans, so it made for good writing to the blog yesterday (Mohegan clans origin).

While checking the tracker, this site showed again, Mohawk Indian Tribe History?

The Mohawk people to the best of my knowledge are not of a Matriarch society, at that time in that area not many tribes were.

Out of loving respect to my Mohawk brothers and sisters this is what was taught to me while growing up under the guidance of my Mohegan and Eastern Woodland Elders.

First, the Mohawk people are correct when they say that the Mohegan’s did not come from the great lakes area, even though each time that we come to visit with them they take great pride in showing the place where we won the only war between the two tribes.

As stated in many of my earlier websites and blogs it is explained that the word Mohegan is a European mistaken word on paper.

The real name of our people is Mohiingan, and my group were farmers, hence the reason why we were pushed east until we ended at the ocean.

The tallest building for many years in New London Connecticut has ( or at least had, if someone did not remover them, like what happened to my grandfathers two bronze plaques in the Fort Shantok State Park.) four bronze plaques one on each side of the building.

Two read Mohegan and two read Mohican.

This Mohawk website talks about the Abnaki people and the Algonquian people the problem with this statement is that these two groups are a language of many tribes, not a tribe, hence a reason why they, the Mohawks, were defeated so often.