Naming Ceremony Protocol.

Some people are still charging for teaching and or ceremonies, this is so wrong.

This has been covered in my blog and website Naming Ceremony Protocol.

On my Tobacco blog it was explained that a tracker on my blog and website is used as one of many teaching tool.

When people ask questions about ceremonies it is very important to understand that one should never pay for teaching or ceremonies, the only exception is native tobacco ( Kicnic-kicnic also known as herbs) and if Some family’s give a meal after however, that is up to a family not for payment.

Kinnick – Kinnick before going through a sacred ceremony is just another package of herbs and can be sold!

What Creator gives for free must remain free.

While using search engines you see that many tribes have their way to do ceremonies.

As with ours, in most tribes it is O. K. to have a baby invited into a naming ceremony, as long as there is no charge. Creator used a Red Fox to give me my name at the age of 6.

Many tribes also have a naming ceremony once the person is old enough to know what it is all about, the only real important thing to remember is, allow time for an elder to go to Creator in prayer for the correct name, this should if possible be done before the day of the ceremony, because all ceremonies must be blessed by Creator or there really is no ceremony.

Yes this is getting redundant however, wannabe spiritual leaders are still doing, not performing, ceremonies and are still charging.

This is a repeat of an earlier blog.

First and the most important thing would be to make sure that you are an American native, to find this out ask an elder.

The traditional way to make a request to receive your American native name is to give a gift of Kinnick – kinnick, as the request is made, to the person you are requesting the name from.

You and your family must also plan a meal or “feast” to celebrate after the Naming Ceremony is completed.

If others are receiving their names, the covered dishes will be shared.

Present a gift of tobacco from your left hand to the left hand of the individual you are wishing to receive a name from this means heart to heart.

This person should be a person you respect and must be someone who is an American native elder from the nation that you are requesting a name from.

Personally ask if you may make a request of this person, either in person, by phone or e-mail. Receive this individual’s consent to allow you to make a request.

Honor a male and a female with tobacco and request that they stand with you as sponsors at the ceremony. These should be individuals who have made a significant impact in your life and are familiar with that American native nation.

Naming ceremony is held in a prayer circle with a fire, both of which must be properly prepared. (Honor the prayer circle with appropriate attire and attitudes. Regalia should be worn if available.)

Give thanks to the Creator and all the sponsors.

One should NEVER have to pay for any American native gift;

If you do the gift will be void, and so will the ceremony!