Aquai~Hello~~Aquine~I bring peace to you!

This is on my index page from Uncasvillage.

This page should help you find your way around all of my web sites. I write as I remember the teaching while growing up in Uncasvillage at the knee of our New England American native elders. please understand that I cannot speak about other tribes only to those that sent a representative ( Eastern Woodland American Native people) to my grandfather (Sachem Tallfox’s) monthly meetings. I hope to relate their feelings about the following subjects. Creator, Circle, Spirituality, Gathering, TurtleHill, Village, Uncasvillage, Round House, Long House, Mohegan, Pequot, Pequot river, Quinatucquet river, chief, Monheags, Cauchegan, Cochegan, Traditional, Staff, Grand Entry, East, Drum, Tobacco, Kicnic-kicnic Mother Earth, Ceremonies, 13 moon, Clan, Tribe, Medicine man, Wabanaki Firewoman, Chief Homer St. Francis Abenaki, Sacred pipe, Sachem, sagamore, Sagamos Why and when we, native people pray. Paw-paus, Powwows (the people called powwow and the gathering of the people). Language (words that I can remember). All this information can be found on the web sites on my links page! At any time while strolling around the pages you find that you have questions, please ask, remembering that I still will not do your homework however. I would be pleased to help.This is a new site builder and I am getting up in age so please keep coming back for more in-put from me–Taw-but-ni.