Who is this Jay Bookman?

Shrinking middle class takes toll on retailers


Maria Halkias


A shrinking middle class is at least partly to blame for price cuts that have left retailers with lame prospects for profit growth.

What if retailers’ slashed margins, due to constant price cuts, are at least partially attributable to a middle class that just isn’t as well-off?

The last time stores saw a burst of free spending was in 2006 and 2007. More households then had wallets enriched by two comfortable incomes and easy mortgage refinancing. But the recession forced many shoppers into a perpetual state of frugality.


Most houses had two incomes back in 2006, usually one was a bread winner and the other to enrich their lives and/or to put away for a rainy day.

The thing is the household had at least one person with a real job paying real pay for hard work rendered with good insurance so the household could afford to buy nice things, take a vacation once in a while, then along came congress passing the outsourcing possibilities for big business and the massive loss of American jobs to 3rd world country sweatshops!

Let’s not forget the Reagan era of destroying bargaining power for the worker and the trip back to the 1920’s.

Who is this Jay Bookman?


Another big bag of wind Columnist and blogger that known it all just ask him, but most of all hates Democrats, the poor and the middle class our president and Hillary Clinton.


Daily Commercial 09/21/2014

How to come up with a responsible budget


Michael Levin in Clermont

Voices today 09/21/2014 Daily Commercial

Look a Roundtable, what a concept?

Put a team of professionals around a table and ask them what they would require in order to make a responsible decision on a $200 million budget.

OK, we need to stop here for a few moments?

I like the idea, problem is, “Where are we going to get this group of professionals in Florida let alone responsible decision makers and then expect them to make an honest decision on a $200 million budget”?

This is what we now have.

How do we dump this do nothing group and also find your “Dream Team”?

Might I offer up a suggestion?

How about we make it a Roundtable, a table of everyday Lake County taxpaying citizens to come up with a few ideas, then have the rest of our citizens in Lake County vote on the one that they like the best?

No particular politician party, any taxpaying Lake County Citizen.

Politicians an Lobbyist not included!


Remember my past posting on Hay

I do not own a horse or cow September 15, 2014


Well in today’s Daily Commercial are a few back up information’s.

One from the paper.

Today 09/21/2014



One from the Mouse


First thing also remember that the town fathers grandfathered Dan’s Feed into the new code system.

Remember that this town ‘Umatilla’ has a small section of it, a small town, with a road from Mount Dore to Eustis running through it and the people living there do not want change to their town.

Older articles

Feed store conflict shows Umatilla’s growing pains Posted: Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Feed store owner wants time for special permit Posted: Monday, September 15, 2014


Ethic complaint and a criminal investigation

Remember my posting about that beautiful Village of Parramore?


That is why I am so upset, it is now nothing but a ghost town.

Daisy Lynum former Orlando city commissioner is under investigation again

Ethic complaint and a criminal investigation

City contract to benefit a friend of whom she owed a political favor

This time she is facing 15 years in jail for bribery and extortion if convicted

Criminal investigation underway to review Lynum corruption allegations


A former Orlando commissioner, who’s seen her share of controversy is at the center of both an ethics complaint, and a criminal investigation

The new complaint, that accuses Orlando Commissioner Daisy Lynum of steering a city contract to benefit a friend.

The complaint alleges Lynum steered a city contract worth 6 million tax dollars to benefit a friend to whom she owed a favor.


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Daisy Lynum 09/21/2014

10 years later, vacant land is all that remains of Parramore Village’s rebirth

Nearly 100 people lived in Parramore Village before City Hall forced them to move and razed their homes — the beginning, they were told, of the neighborhood’s rebirth. Orlando taxpayers spent $1.3 million to relocate the residents, some of whom had lived there 35 years, and to bulldoze their former homes. City officials were in a hurry to tear down Parramore Village and clear the way for a new residential community. More than 10 years later, the property remains a vacant lot, surrounded by a chain-link fence that’s falling down, and hopeful-but-outdated signs still promising new homes that aren’t coming. It’s just one of many lofty plans for Orlando’s



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Commissioner Daisy Lynum will face another ethics probe

April 29, 2009

The latest inquiry stems from use of the commissioner’s city-issued parking pass by her son. A 2008 city audit found that Juan Lynum had used the commissioner’s pass to park free in city garages nearly every day for at least 21 months.


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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Commissioner Daisy Lynum Under State Investigation

Eyewitness News obtained documents that show Orlando Commissioner Daisy Lynum is under a state investigation for abusing her power. The State Ethics Commission is leading the investigation into a controversial phone call she made after her son was pulled over by an Orlando police officer.

The findings against Lynum will be made public Wednesday, but Eyewitness News has already obtained the documents that show probable cause for a deeper probe. The probable cause means the Ethics Commission will now proceed with a formal hearing of the Lynum complaint.


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WFTV Exposes New Inflated Land Price Deal Between City of Orlando & BBIF

July 26, 2014




Who’s Paying the Pro-War Pundits?

Originally posted on The Educability of Perch:

Just a few short months ago, U.S. citizens overwhelming opposed our heavy-handed policy of engaging in other peoples’ problems worldwide. Americans were weary of political and military hawks’ fear-mongering about the dangers of the next terrorist threat. Folks were waking up and deciding to let other countries handle their own business, without our “help”. 

But the recent brutal beheadings of American journalists in Iraq turned the tide of public opinion at breakneck speeds, as if these horrific acts could be balanced by another war. What has changed that makes one think that we’ll fare better in that region than we did the last time? It’s a history doomed to repeat itself.

There’s always an agenda for war among those who profit from it. Billion dollar profits for “war contractors” is what really should be getting our attention. But, the strategies of fear and distraction, smoke-and-mirrors, has won, once again, taking gullible American minds down the primrose path to another conflict in the Middle East.

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The only way to stop a bully, is to stop the bully!

It is about time the free world started putting the leash back on this Communist country and its bully!

Thank you Canada and the USA for showing Vladimir Putin “what-for”

What about the neighboring countries at risk of losing freedom again, how about helping yourselves while we help you?

If you keep letting a bad dog run free, sooner or later it is going to start biting again!


WFTV Investigates

I do not care what party is controlling this state and/or country, they are all crooked.

It just so happens that this day the Crooked Republican Party is controlling our pockets, country, states and our lives, so do not get on me for reporting the facts, check out WFTV Channel 9 news Orlando Florida?


Koch industries owns both parties.

Investigative reporter Christopher Heath discovered the online upstarts are getting some unexpected help from a traditional Republican backer with deep pockets.

But Uber and Lyft have their own allies with cash to spend.

Americans for Prosperity, founded and funded by the billionaire Koch brothers supports deregulating the industry.

Scott, who spoke at AFP’s 2013 Orlando conference, took in $3,000 from Koch Industries. His PAC took another $25,000.

Koch industries also gave $1,000 each to 45 Republican legislators.

Yes I am repeating myself, I want to make sure that you get it?

Uber, like Lyft, another rideshare service, operates without permits — permits taxi companies are forced to buy?

According to records obtained by Eyewitness News, the Orlando-based company has given $23,000 to Gov. Rick Scott’s PAC and another $22,000 to the Republican party. Scott is running for re-election this year.

That clout helped kill a bill this year that would have prevented cities like Orlando from setting rules for minimum fares.

But Uber and Lyft have their own allies with cash to spend.

Americans for Prosperity, founded and funded by the billionaire Koch brothers supports deregulating the industry.

Scott, who spoke at AFP’s 2013 Orlando conference, took in $3,000 from Koch Industries. His PAC took another $25,000.

Koch industries also gave $1,000 each to 45 Republican legislators.

9 Investigates political money, battle over Uber-style ridesharing services


Koch industries owns a vast number of companies and most of them are polluting the earth.


Koch Brothers


Too little too late

This is not a racist thing this is a sports thing and it is wrong.

Want to know a big reason why so many NFL players are abusive?

Look into their treatment, or lack thereof, all through their schooling.

You are good in sports, you get a pass all through school for as long as you are good at sports.

The king of never, never land has stubbed his toe?

Big Deal

Quarterback Jameis Winston “apologized once again” and will sit out the whole game?

He should sit out at the very least, one game per infraction?

If any sports person only gets a pat on the wrist and/or a pat on the backside, when will the infractions cease?

Florida State will now bench Jameis Winston for the entire Clemson game


National POW/MIA Recognition Day


National POW/MIA Recognition Day today, Friday, Sept. 19, 2014.


This annual event honors prisoners of war and our missing and their families,

and highlights the government’s commitment to account for them.



There are people who say to me,

“Do not fly this flag.”

To those people I say,

“Native American POW/MIA’s this is for you my brothers and sisters.”

Native American