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This is Florida you know

Typical Political Hog Washing

The governor, any governor, has absolutely nothing to do with grime rates. The police department has been cleaning house and with the help of many law enforcement department both state and federal, using much better crime fighting equipment, has been getting a better grip on crime.

Deaths tied to VA hospital’s secret list | NR

CNN’s Drew Griffin investigates 40 veteran deaths resulting from a VA hospital in Phoenix creating a secret waiting list.

Deaths tied to VA hospital’s secret list

Internal e-mails obtained by CNN show that top management at the VA hospital in Arizona knew about the practice and even defended it

At least 40 U.S. veterans died waiting for appointments at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system, many of whom were placed on a secret waiting list.

The secret list was part of an elaborate scheme designed by Veterans Affairs managers in Phoenix who were trying to hide that 1,400 to 1,600 sick veterans were forced to wait months to see a doctor, according to a recently retired top VA doctor and several high-level sources.

 Do you remember this?

Florida Lt. Gov. Quits Amid $300M Charity Scam Probe


Florida’s lieutenant governor has resigned and 57 people have been charged amid a $300 million gambling operation allegedly masked as a veteran’s charity.

Once again, remind mind you, there is no evidence that the governor, her boss knew nothing about this bad setup.

“Operation Reveal the Deal uncovered a sophisticated racketeering and money laundering scheme stemming from 49 illegal gambling centers operating under the guise of ‘internet cafes,’” investigators wrote in a statement. “The organization falsely claimed to be a charitable veterans’ organization, but instead deceived the public and government while lining the pockets of its operators.”

Of the $300 million in proceeds from the gambling centers run by a purported non-profit called Allied Veterans of the World, only 2 percent of the money went to charitable organizations, according to police.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) – Newly released records show that former Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll changed her income tax filings after investigators asked about money she received from a purported veterans charity accused of running an illegal gambling operation. Documents obtained by The Associated Press show that Allied Veterans of the World paid Carroll nearly $100,000 in 2009 and 2010 but she did not report the total on her financial disclosure forms or to the Internal Revenue Service.

Mind you that this is one of thousands of examples getting our people back to work. We have a lot of ‘out of work’ people in this country, some would be happy to have a job at any pay. It is not necessarily the language barrier, remember that many years ago the British invaded and conquered many countries, so the language spoken in each mixed with the native language. People in this country on unemployment or social security can do many jobs without affecting their check. Elderly forced out of work, returning wounded veterans, schoolchildren and so on. As my followers know, I was in service to customers for over forty years. As a service technician required to rely heavily on an answering service, nights, weekends and holidays it is important to have a good understanding of their directions and be able to rely on their understanding you and the customer giving them directions. It should not take up a lot of valuable time on a busy call day/night because of a miss communication between you, your customer and the answering service, this means loss of customers to say the least. Any company that I worked for understood this and kept a close eye on their answering service work habits, not so any longer, now the cheaper the better, be dammed the customer. As my followers also know, my computer must go back to the company after only six months use. Called the company to make arrangements and of course had to through an out of country worker. Half of the time on the phone was learning how to speak to each other because getting it right meant seeing or never seeing my computer again after it left the property. Pick up truck showed up to supply the return box, not happy at all with this box however, the young woman was very helpful. Time to call to pick up the computer, talking to the phone computer, it wants a pick up number, nothing on any paperwork matches this number, how do you correctly explain this to a computer? Computer is not happy, after a few battles an answering service picks up, you guessed it, out of this country. Come to find out that the earlier phone call to the company answering service did not go as well as one would hope because the Email address must have been miss communicated as well as our address. Never received an Email validation confirmation and while talking to this newest out of country answering service, our address did not match. Computer is going on its trip tomorrow, will I ever see it again, one can only pray. If our government really wishes to improve on the unemployment and not just political talk, get our work back into this country, hire our people now making nothing and forced to live in the woods or our streets, bet that they can match pay rate with any out of country service, try them. Mind you that this is one of thousands of examples getting our people back to work.

Brewster New York

Welcome to the visitor from the village of Brewster New York

To one of our sites the old village of Unkas (Uncas), known as Uncasvillage.

What is even more interesting to me would be the name and the fact that it is called a village?

A large family of the original people back in the 1040’s and 50’s were Brewster’s and the tribe had a number of villages throughout the state.

Some of those elders were often visitors to my grandfathers gatherings and meetings.

Going up or down from Norwich and/or New London Connecticut on route # 12 there is an old Hebrew cemetery and behind it is a Storey, Story, /Brewster cemetery.

Groton Connecticut

Welcome back to the visitor from Groton Connecticut to one of my postings about one of our prayer places.

Now sure, if you were able to find much information about this, what once was, Sacred Native Land or the village around the rock?

Cauchegan Rock

One would guess that while living in Groton and being a return visitor that you have heard about the times our people had to fight off enemy tribes from our land, children, women, food and so on.

Have you ever read in schools in the area about Shechaim Unkas (Sachem Uncas) war chief?

(Mohiigan/Pequot/Mohegan/) first prayer rocks.

War Chief Cauchegan old homestead

To one of my old websites

Not sure, what you were looking for however, welcome and very pleased that you book marked the site.

By now you must know that site will show photos of our old Cauchegan (people call Cochegan Rock).

It is named after one of Sachem Unkas youngest chiefs, Chief Cauchegan.

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:

Klamath protest 1 APRIL 21 2014

(CHILOQUIN, OREGON) – U.S. Department of Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, State of Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, State of California Governor Jerry Brown, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, Klamath Tribes elected officials and Klamath Basin irrigators held a “celebratory” signing of the Upper Klamath Basin Comprehensive Agreement last Friday at Collier Park, 4 miles north of Chiloquin.  With strong support from Senator Wyden, he stated “I am going to introduce in the first few days of May, legislation in partnership with Senator Merkley to make this agreement law.”

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Lego land Florida:

Renewable energy initiatives get Earth Day boost

This one day of running on solar power is equal to the energy power of destroying six acres of trees needlessly; shouldn’t this be at least a little embarrassing to the most powerful country in the world to be once again following another country?

HAPPY EARTH DAY from our British friends in the British Isles.

Legoland is a chain of Lego-themed theme parks owned and operated by the British theme park company Merlin Entertainments.

Legoland Winter Haven Florida will mark Earth Day by running the entire theme park using renewable energy for the day. That will be a first for a U.S. theme park, Legoland says.

The event is a kick-off for a partnership for the Winter Haven attraction with Tampa Electric that will include installations to teach guests about solar energy. As part of the partnership, Legoland also will permanently power the park’s Imagination Zone on renewable energy. A 30-kilowatt solar panel array has been mounted atop the venue.,0,

I see no reason why today of all days, I should be backing off our government about alternative energy, do you?

Today, Earth Day I invite every politician and their overpaid lobbyist pocketbooks in the USA and their family to Legoland in Winter Haven Florida for a day of fun.

The only stipulation to this is that you must allow me to interview you and your family tomorrow, about the use of alternative energy and why you insist on turning your backs on progress and keep this country using destructive, over priced fossil fuel.

Indigenous people’s through-out Indian country are asking this day

“Please help others helping your mother on at least this one day and then one step at a time”

The people littering are also not the ones picking up their trash on any day and never will, even if they get a fine once in a while, one can see them look around for police then dump out of the window!

This town has a nice yellow recycle bucket on trash day, this house is the only one with a yellow bucket out at the street as far as the eye can see up and down the road every trash pickup day?

EARTH DAY-04-22-2014


In my opinion, My Italian Indian (Iron Eyes Cody), is one of the best examples of why Native Americans want humans to help keep Mother Earth Clean and Healthy, how sad if you think about it?

One would think, with so much talk about our mother and the love for her (Mother Earth) and with all of the money flowing into Indian Gaming, our people would have thousands of people on the forefront in the fight to save our mother.

While growing in and around Uncasvillage, the family enjoyed spending the day visiting, speaking at and fellowshipping many Earth Day around New England.

April 22nd 2014 around Mother Earth

Florida celebrates Earth Day through statewide environmental activities

Central Florida Earth Day

Earth Day celebrations in Central Florida parks invite everyone to explore, enjoy and protect our natural environment. First celebrated in 1970 when Senator…


Rawalpindi Punjab Pakistan

Thank you for your visit to my Gravatar to the person from Rawalpindi Punjab Pakistan

Sachem Speaks

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