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Welcome Surrey British Columbia Canada,_British_Columbia

Looking or information about our

Traditional apology ceremony

There are a few Apology Ceremonies, remember that in our culture, ceremonies are prayers to our Creator, in my tribe this would be Kiehtan, Canadian tribes also have a name or names for Creator.

You came to one of my postings in WordPress and one in Google about a beautiful prayer from a good person (Larry Running Turtle Salazar).


His prayer is something like what our ancestors would have done while hunting for food and after the prayer for permission to hunt the prey?

We have no need to hunt in today’s world, this of course is my opinion.

A person to person Apology ceremony would be something like a permission to speak to an elder ceremony.

Birds of prey

Welcome Lakeville Minnesota

One would guess that answers to this question would be universal through-out Indian country however, glad to see that you came to our people with the question.

Birds of prey blogs

As I usually do I must remind you that, even though it looks like you did not receive an answer earlier, our people are over on the east coast and ceremonies tend to change a little from tribe to tribe.

The two posting you landed on should have answer only remember, my people?


Birds of Prey

Welcome Anchorage Alaska

Short question long answer.

You are over on the west coast, we are over on the east coast so your area uses the word Indian and we use the words Native American, both wording is acceptable in each area.

The reason why the answer will be long is simple, because we, in the east, believe that almost as soon as you have feet on the ground you could be called an elder.

Our people believe in caring for one another, so your younger siblings and tribal members will be learning from you while you are learning from everyone in the tribe older than you.

On the other hand, if you so chose and it is your right, not to learn our way’s and grow to the age of say. 99 and a person at the age of 13 becomes adopted (a correct adoption).

After completion, that person is your elder and your elder for life, even if you then complete the ceremonies on our tribal way’s.

Because one cannot be adopted unless she or ever he, goes through a long correct ceremony and the Spiritual Leader accepts the student into the tribe?

Thank-you for your visit to a few of my past postings.

What is an elder?

When does a Native American become an Elder?

If this did not answer your question, please write?

I like it when you write comments.

I love it when you have question.

Hope that this is of some help to you?

If not just write?




This Nurse Napping should have been front page News all over America and the World.

Originally posted on tahtonka - A Journey Through Global Culture:

Nursing is not easy, you must be dedicated to serving.
Picture credit: Wikipedia

A new friend told me about this story yesterday and I did not sleep much wondering why it had never made the news here?

This was not the kind of story, that could have been forgotten, at least not by me.

If this had happened in the United States, it would have been on every Channel for days on end, as is every other horrific story.

We would have seen it, all day, every day, night and day.

So, while I was not sleeping last night and dwelling on this story, something occurred to me.

Could  racism possibly have been involved here?

Because these Nurses were all Indian?

God, I truly hope not.

These innocent women were Nurse napped from a hospital in Iraq, it is said, about the beginning of July, yet even though I have multiple Google Alerts arriving in my email daily, geared to Global…

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Originally posted on It Is What It Is:

~~July 20, 2014~~

Stop fighting over who created the world and fight against the people who are destroying it.



There are so many wrong things happening in our world today. 

Armed conflicts, wars, willful destruction of our environment and resources, decay of institutions of power and order, abuse, persecution, poverty, hate. Social, economic and environmental issues that affect all. 


It is essential that human beings understand the primary cause of the destruction of our world.

Because we are the only living beings who act against nature, mass consciousness of this psychological issue is fundamental, for this is what gives origin to all our other problems – social, economic, ecological, etc. Our unconscious Inversion causes us to choose destruction rather than health and well being. Without an understanding of this psychological reality, we can do nothing to save ourselves. Our destructive technology has been developed to such a degree that we are…

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Sachem Speaks is going to use some bad wording because of my memories of my first and I might add best Baby Sitter, Clan Mother Black Bear.

Children’s story

This story was lovingly turned into a story told around gathering/powwows and re-written by one of my Clan Mothers (Little Sis).

She helped make my writing readable?


So, hang on my friends.

Feeding Citations

Sunday afternoon news on WFTV Channel 9 Orlando, Seminole County Florida, 07/20/2014

WFTV obtained new information 34 people in central Florida have received Feeding Citations!

Over a five-year period 34 people have been given ‘Feeding Citations’ for feeding the bears in central Florida and Eugene Cifers received probation plus a $460 fine meanwhile 7 innocent Black Bears are dead!–abc-news-topstories.html

Black Bears are wild animals, animals that spend a lot of time hunting for food, once one or more than one finds a food source, it will keep coming back until the food source is depleted or it is killed!

Once they find the food they will defend in from anything or anyone.

In this case 7 innocent bears were unnecessarily murdered by gun happy humans!

Black Bears are still protected by the way, that is unless you join the Fish and Wildlife and carry a gun!

This means that the gun happy Fish and Wildlife bear killers knew that the reason why this person was attacked was the fault of 34 humans plus the fish and wildlife Gestapo hunters of Florida and not the fault of bears coming to a place where they knew that they could get food?

Now that public and media pressure is putting this group of slim on the hot seat, they are trying to pass the buck!



Israeli Military Seek and Destroy Gaza Tunnels

 At this time Italy, Japan and Germany are our allies, right?

If our government doesn’t grow up, all of our government, this friendship will change!

Israeli soldiers uncovered 34 shafts leading into about a dozen underground tunnels, some as deep as 30 meters (yards), that could be used to carry out attacks, the military said.

Remembering WWI and WWII?

Because Germany, first with Kaiser Wilhelm II, and next with Hitler’s Nazis, brutally attacked its neighbor?

No one seemed to mind when the neighboring countries with the help of the free world crushed and completely destroyed and then split up Germany?

Remember Japan destroying Hawaii?

We dropped two ‘A’ Bombs on Japan!

So, what’s up with Israeli doing the same thing to protect itself?

Every year since Nazis Germany chased what was left of the Jewish people in and around Hitler’s Germany (WW-2), Israeli has been working on an unwanted desolate piece of desert for a place to live, because it is now livable all of her neighbors want the land?

Israel has been at war with one of its Arab neighbors since 1948, so every year in the past 50 has seen a war somewhere in Israel over a once unwanted piece of land?

Yes, the land won in the 1948 war, started by its neighbor, is now a must have “BUFFER ZONE”!

Palestinian gunmen disguised in Israeli uniforms managed to infiltrate Israel from Gaza using another tunnel and on Saturday killed two Israeli soldiers and injured several others, the military said. At least one Palestinian was killed in the clash.

Hamas said 12 of its fighters participated in the attack and that the group took some of the soldiers’ weapons back to their hideouts.

Israeli military seek and destroy Gaza tunnels allegedly used by Hamas

As long as the Palestinian people not only do not stop, do not help Hamas, in finding ways to kill innocent lives in the country of Israeli, they become military personnel in time of war and as hard as it is to say “Fair Game”!

This can’t be a Sinkhole?

The “Experts” from St. Johns River Management District, stated that “just give me some rain and the sinkholes will stop!”

Well Mr. Expert, this is the rainy season and we all have more they enough rain, what would be your next excuse?

Sink hole opened around 5:30pm last night in Springhill 30′ deep 40 yards wide?

Springhill is in Hernando county near Zephyrhills bottle water company.

This sinkhole is in the same area where a person is still buried from a very large sinkhole earlier, no one could go into the hole to find him, it was growing so fast.

Acceptable losses from Sinkholes?

I watched our new Favorite anchor/reporter, Darlene Jones, at around 5am this morning, funny thing is, it was only on TV twice all morning?

Not her fault, she was just reading a prompter.

(The power of Nestles company one would guess)?

Bottle Water Companies rule Florida!

Money talks and the truth walks, or something like that?


Welcome to Signal Mountain Tennessee

Looking for information about our Prayer/Altar

Tradition of prayer and rock altar

To start, we do not call our prayer places an Altar, it is a quiet place to commune with our Creator (Kiehtan).

Below are a few postings and yes sometimes we do use the word Altar, it is for ease of understanding for you our visitors as explained in the posting, also theoretically we do make an offering up to Kiehtan?

We use this prayer place of prayers.

I am now retired and living in Florida, the biggest rock that I have found is Ocean Sand, so Long Leaf Pines (Four) work out just fine.

Native American Altars

Information about a Mohegan/Pequot Prayer Alter

Our old Prayer Rock

What is an Eastern Woodland Sweat


Palestinian/Israeli war

To all that seemed to have forgotten something very important, this is a war, a war started because of weeks of bombardment of Rockets and Missiles into a country from another country!

Shame on anyone chastising a country for trying to defend its people from overwhelming abuse from Rockets and Missiles, remember Israeli has tried twice to call a truce ?

Do you honestly believe that any country receiving this abuse of its people does not have the right to retaliate?

There are no longer innocent people on either side because no Palestinian stopped the Missiles or Rockets and no Israelite has tried to work with other countries at the removal of terrorists from Palestine.

Three wrongs do not make a right so, if you believe that it is OK about the Rockets and Missiles, put yourself in a home in Israeli, because if no Rockets and Missiles fell on Israeli there would be no Palestinian/Israeli war!


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