Did you remember to ‘VOTE’?


If you did not vote at least learn to shut your trap because your choice lost?

Remember November is just around the corner.


No, No, No, I said “HUMP DAY”?






Yes, we voted today


Voting is not a burden.

Voting is not just a right.

Voting is not just a privilege.

Voting in political elections is not only a right, nor is it only a privilege,

it is a grave responsibility.


One would guess that only in Florida there is no restrictions on how close signs can be planted to voting buildings?

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Not one sign from the Democrats, AGAIN!

This is a two sided story


Burger King buying Tim Hortons for about $11B


If we want our companies to stop sending their corporate office to other countries we must stop the reason that they are doing so!


The reason why they are leaving is not that they do not like this country and it is not only because they are greedy, although most are extremely greedy.

They are leaving because our politicians in office are also extremely greedy!

We, in this country have much higher taxes because we need to satisfied those extremely greedy government officials, NOW!

Around half of this countries taxes are wasted every year and our government’s ‘overpriced’ officials are not doing the jobs that we, their bosses, are paying them to do!

If we worked like they do for their company, what would they do to us?



And while we are at it stop buying from Burger King?

There are thousands of replacement restaurants all over our country?

A Burger King sign and a Tim Hortons sign are displayed in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Monday, Aug. 25, 2014. Burger King is in talks to buy Tim Hortons in hopes of creating a new, publicly traded company with its headquarters in Canada.


Burger King says it struck a deal to buy Tim Hortons Inc. for about $11 billion, a move that creates the world’s third-largest fast-food company and could accelerate the international expansion of the Canadian coffee and doughnut chain.

The corporate headquarters of the new company will be in Canada. The two brands will continue to be run as stand-alone chains, with Burger King still operating out of Miami.

Some analysts have suggested that Canada’s lower tax rates stand to benefit Burger King over time. But Burger King said that’s the not main motivation for the deal.

Know what E coli is?

As usual with my postings, I have a point, it just takes forever to get to it?

Escherichia coli (or E. coli) is the most prevalent infecting organism in the family of gram-negative bacteria known as Enterobacteriaceae.

While moving to central Florida we knew that there would be good and bad in any move, for us in the part of Florida we moved to, there is a lot more good however, one of the biggest battles is the massive amount of cows per acre of land.

It is not necessarily the fault of the cows as it is the percentage of and the lack of control of what the cows leave and leave by the tonnage.

As usual with my postings, I have a point, it just takes forever to get to it?

Lake county got the animals moved after the farm was vacated to a much larger property.

A few years later, in their infinite wisdom, they build a brand new Firehouse, on the property?


Firehouse 13 25250 CR 42 Paisley VFD

Facility houses (1) Advanced life support all-wheel drive 1250 gpm Fire Engine, (1) Heavy-Duty Woods Truck, and (1) Forward Operations Unit. Facility constructed in the Year 2010.

First came E Coli in the water!

Now there are a very large group of funny black things, in the water, so what is our Town Fathers fix?

Build a new larger well.

If, as we all know, the well is contaminated, building new well will just give your more pollutants!

That farm was on that property for, who knows how long, 100 years?

Build a Reverse osmosis system or better yet, pipe in city water from other locations?

What a concept?


I just received a letter from an Atheist

Don’t you just love it when someone states in a letter or comment that they do not intent to offend you, then writes a book condemning your beliefs and telling you why every religion on earth is wrong and he/she is right?

No proof by the way, just a sprinkling of supposes and what was believed to be?

Listen, if you swim in the pool you are going to get wet!

If you swim in our lakes you might even get bit?

The letter

This has been a very interesting visit. I’m one of the atheists, but I don’t need to look for reasons not to believe.

Well, yes you do, if you are planning on tearing down my beliefs,

you must have a reason, because, you are doing so on my blog!

I do however believe that Jesus Christ existed and that he was possibly a very nice man, a very good man and that the ideas he preached of brotherhood and tolerance were excellent.

But, all the stories about Jesus being born of a virgin, walking round as a teacher, having 12 disciples had all been told for centuries before Jesus was born and were given to the God of the Roman Legionaries.

Yes, hard to believe anyone born of a virgin,

Walking around teaching should be OK to believe.

No proof that the disciples were older than Jesus and I personally believe that my history taught the god of the roman Legionaries was the Caesar himself of the time period?

The books of the bible were not written by people who lived when Jesus did but were written by people after he dies, in some cases hundreds of years. There were many people who wrote books about him yet only certain ones were kept. One supposedly by Mary Magdalene who knew Jesus well was not published. The Bible itself was created from the books chosen and that again was many years after he died at the instigation of a Roman Emperor who wanted to bring the Empire together under one religion.

Show me the books?

Show me the religion of the Empire?

The Church chosen to spread the beliefs about Jesus did so at the point of a sword and has created many wars and committed many crimes.

I have no idea where he/she was going with this one but, show me the sword?

If God existed would he allow so many to suffer.

Yes and if you would actually read those books you would know the why of the wars and suffering.

I believe Earth is the God(dess) we should worship for her care of us.

But, it takes all kinds to make the world.

I wish you Peace and Health. And do not intend to offend you

My quick answer was


I did not write to defend a religion, not my right nor my job, I did however, write to defend every religions right to its own beliefs without a very small group of visitors condemning their rights in this free country?

If your ancestors came to our land, you are a visitor

If a cross bothers you or your beliefs, look the other way, that’s all I’m saying?

I am not offended my friend and I have no interest in condemning people’s belief, you sound like an honest and good thinker, I write about people, professed to be atheist, that think that it is their job in life at tearing down any other persons beliefs, which to me, makes them hypocrites?

If a Synagogue, Church, Mosque or Shrine bother you turn your head, why does the other 98.98% of the people in a free country have to please only you and your religion?

Thank you for your kind words, I am always at peace in my Creator and as it were, I just came from the V.A. and am extremely health, remember, even the Atheist have a religion, you just told me that you believe in the Earth Goddess.

That said, if a book comes out to be judged the truth, then and only then can it receive the right to sit in judgment of Creator and/or Creators word.

(Pantheists, like the Indians)

I would say that at least 99.98% on the natives that I have enjoyed the company with, believe in Creator and each of us has different names for the same and many believe in the son of Creator so, different is as different does? :-)


The ten pages of interesting reading is based for the most part on past non-believers trying to find a way to keep not believing?

You be the judge!

Boycott Coke!


I also feel much better without their poisons, thanks Donna.

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An enraging letter/petition was in my email this morning and it has now become the subject of today’s posting.

Coke has been on The List  since this Blog’s inception and today the impetus for writing about it was delivered conveniently in my email.

Personally I have not drank any soft drinks for many years now, right after I learned what they did/do to our bodies.

I discovered that drinking Diet Coke every day was the source of my migraine headaches.

I stopped drinking it and the migraines were instantly gone.

This was more than twenty years ago.

But today, Coke has a huge family of other products and some of them have been here in our house, for a very long time.

Simply Orange used to be a favorite and just a week ago, I brought home some coconut water after seeing it on the Dr. Oz Show and hearing how good it was for us.

After looking at the…

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Photos of Mohegan Indian chiefs

Embarrassingly interesting to find that someone in the city of New London Connecticut knows so little about the native Americans around the city and through-out the state?

New London Connecticut


Has it been that long since the state first started to become polluted by outsiders?

Yes, I guess it has, I have been retired since 1993, and some went looking for the wealth rainbow only to be dumped by the casino’s!

I pray to Kiehtan that the person asking is new to the state and/or not a school child in the state?


I did go through the school system, plus my family have been invited many times to schools through-out the New London/Norwich area and know that Connecticut schools do teach about our people, or have they also been polluted!

The tribes west of the Mississippi river have Chiefs, you will see them in their War Bonnets, the tribes east of the Mississippi river did not have War Bonnet’s!

If you ever see an East Coast Native wearing a War Bonnet, laugh your head off because this is a foolish wannabe!

My elders, now ancestors, made it perfectly clear that the chain of command was, is and will always be, Sachem (Shechaim- She-Ch-aim), Head Clan Mother, Clan Mothers, Elders, Warriors, Chiefs, Women, Children in an East Coast Tribe.

I other words our chiefs are job bosses and only until the job is finished or is fired by the Shechaim or Head Clan Mother.

With the approval of the Shechaim of an East Coast tribe, a chief in our tribe has only enough power, provided by the Shechaim  and/or the Head Clan Mother, to do the job assigned to him or her?

If for any reason the Shechaim or Head Clan Mother assigns someone to follow you through your journey (ceremony) that person becomes your Chief and only after a discussion with you by the Head Clan Mother and/or Shechaim , this way you know you are in the real ceremony and not some fly by night wannabe chief, sometimes calling themselves Spiritual leaders.

Adopted into a tribe by a chief


Racial injustice in U.S (Pictures from Ferguson protests)

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   This picture really pierced my heart and propelled me to write about the persisting racial discrimination in the United States, an issue that has long been on my mind. Perhaps, it is a good coincidence that I can sight a very great example from the shooting and killing of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri and the violent protests that erupted after. His name was Michael Brown and he was shot six times by a white police officer even though he had his hands up.
   I wont speak much about this issue, I believe that the pictures speak louder. Ferguson is a town that has two-thirds of its population as blacks but has a police force that is 90% white. I think this does so much to potray the economic and social marginalization of black people in Ferguson and America at large. Whites get away…

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